Highlights of our selected accomplishments are as follows:

  • Received a land grant of 6.5 square miles from the Tali Traditional Council for the construction of African University (2002)
  • Established and African University Planning Board in Cameroon (2005)
  • Organized an exploratory trip to Cameroon regarding African University (2006)
  • Organized a Women’s Leadership Conference in Tali (2007)
  • Completed a comprehensive development needs study for the Tali Community Area which included the 59 villages of the Upper Banyang Sub Division of Cameroon (2008)
  • Organized a 3-day symposium in Tali, Cameroon on African higher education and sustainable community development with an emphasis on African University (2008)
  • Completed a site survey of the land reserved for African University (2010)
  • Planted palm trees around the perimeter of the land reserved for African University (2010)
  • Developed academic and business plans for African University (2010)
  • Cleared an area for designated for phase one of African University (2010)
  • Completed a Master Plan for African University (2010)
  • Completed a conceptual rendering of phase one of African university (2010)
  • Staked the site for phase one buildings (2010)
  • Organized an 11-day working visit to Cameroon regarding phase one of African University including a meeting between the United States (U.S.) Ambassador to Cameroon, His Excellency (H.E.) Robert P. Jackson and a10-person Cameroonian and U.S. delegation representing the African University initiative (2010)
  • Completed analysis for the design of the buildings for phase one of African University (2010-11)
  • Established Association of African University Cameroon (ASAFRUNICAM) as a non-governmental organization to manage all efforts to establish African University in Cameroon
  • Organized a sustainable rural farming workshops on Eru (Gnetumafricanum) and African giant snails (Achantinafulica) for women in Tali, Cameroon (2012)
  • Raised significant in-cash and in-kind contributions to ensure the measured progress of the effort (1998 to present)