African University Foundation furnishes three main ways to donate: First is financial followed by volunteering and the third means is through advocacy. These three key opportunities reflect the uniqueness and international nature of our work. Financial contributions provide us with the resources to realize our mission. Volunteers are critical to not-for-profit organization such as African University Foundation. Volunteers contribute their time to helping to realize the mission of African University Foundation. Examples of roles volunteers play include, but not limited to service as board members and as ambassadors of AUF. We encourage individuals with persuasive abilities to be come involved in advocacy on behalf of African University Foundation. Whether it’s at the local, state federal level, or international level, communicating with funding and regulatory agencies is critical to the development of non-profit organization.

African University Foundation provides different opportunities to get involved. While some people choose to Donate financially to a cause, others volunteer their time to make a difference in the lives of others. A third option we offer for individuals to get involved is through advocacy. Learn more about these three avenues to get involved by selecting your area of interest.