Microfarming Workshop


Constructing a Propagator to Cultivate Eru

The Training Workshop on Sustainable production and management of Snails and Eru started off with identification of participants. Some fifty participants were selected from ten different rural communities within the Tali community area, teachers were also selected from four different local schools to extend the training within schools. The selected participants who were mostly women belonged to cultural groups.

Tali is situated in the forested region of the South West Region in Cameroon, a recognized biodiversity “hotspot.” Its land is fertile and has a tropical rain forest climate. Although situated in the midst of tropical Africa, the temperature at Tali, because of its topography including is mild and pleasant throughout the year. Tali shares borders with the Banyang-Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary and the Upper Banyang Forest Concession. The inhabitants of Tali are hospitable and farm cash and food crops to earn a living.

The program of the workshop started on the April 4, 2012 with the arrival of participants and registration. The major high lights of this day was the viewing of a documentary on snails and eru, this arose a lot of excitement in the participants. The Facilitator an Agronomist, Mr. Ebai Maxwell Mbi started off by reviewing the objectives of the workshop.


Facilitator and Agronomist, Mr. Maxwell Mbi, making a Presentation