Phase One

…Advancing Toward Phase One …Building African University …Realizing the Dream

African University blueprint

African University is a unique platform for donors who seek to accelerate positive change in the African social context. African University will inspire faculty and students to not only dream a new world but to find real solutions to real world problems. African University will cultivate leaders and transform lives. It will make a difference. The project is for one and for all. Each donation is important and all donations will combine to produce a foundational impact on the life of African University. We invite you to join us as we collectively embark on this journey and in the process we will be realizing our collective dream for African university as an embodiment of a new direction for African higher education.

toward phase 1 We seek support to realize phase one of African University in order to foster transformations in learning, teaching, innovation, culture and wellbeing throughout the   Tali community area in Cameroon. Distilling strategic priorities and making a public case for the importance of the work of the new institution of higher learning in   Cameroon requires a comprehensive campaign. Launching a new international university is ambitious and challenging. We are seeking to building African University   in a turbulent global economic context. African University is designed to help solve the problems that confront African societies through its intellectual resources and   collaborations. Solutions coming from African University in domains such as agriculture, health and business will play a critical role in overcoming pressing   challenges of our time. We provide a unique opportunity to take significant steps toward realizing phase one of African University. We will be a able to bring talented     faculty and students to execute our vision for integrity, creativity and excellence with a mandate for scholarship and leadership. We will realize African University’s mission to ensure that deserving students have acquire an integrated experiential education and develop talents and transform to become leaders of society. Donors provide a critical fuel for the engine of change – African University. Turn ideas into action requires your support.