A Message From The Chairman

Chairman BaiyeeIt is with pleasure that I welcome you to the official web site of the African University Initiative. It is for individuals interested and able to support African University’s realization in Tali, Cameroon. Our progress has been systematic and measured. We are looking forward to sharing with you future developments.

Our purpose is to launch African University as a fine international institution to offer a choice in African higher education that prepares a new generation of leaders. The quality of education at African University will be critical to social growth and economic development. Another purpose is to construct a renewed global partnership between Africa and the international educational community. The embodiment of this new educational focus for African higher education will be African University, Tali, Cameroon. This university shall play a leadership role in producing skilled professionals in strategic sectors necessary to catalyze the development and application of knowledge in solving social problems.

African University shall be a private, non-sectarian and non-profit international institution of higher education with a public function. It shall have moral personality and authority that would promote the values of integrity, creativity and excellence. African University shall ensure its existence in perpetuity and have a common institutional seal.

Within the limitation of its resources, African University shall provide an integrated experiential higher education that shall open its doors to all individuals without regard to geographic origin, gender, creed or ideological or political conviction.

The students, staff, and faculty of African University shall espouse, support, and interpret ideas in ways that not only avoid indoctrination, but promote and reinforce individual and community wellbeing. African University shall encourage students to examine their personal philosophy, beliefs and values as well as promote critical thinking and problem solving.

African University shall foster a healthy environment in which its facilities shall be used for the purposes of learning, instruction and research. African University shall contribute to the development of Cameroon with the objective of contributing to sustainable community development. It shall support and promote the cultural and social value systems of Cameroon.

Let us fund the idea of African University . Let us build a uniquely different kind of university in Africa. By supporting African University, you would participate in preparing a new generation of leaders to solve the problems of society.


William Agbor Baiyee, Ph.D.
Chairman, African University Initiative